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JAVASCRIPT OBFUSCATOR software is developed by Richscripts Inc.

Richscripts Inc is a privately held company incorporated in Ontario, Canada, specializing in building high quality, reusable web components and enterprise class software solutions.

Leading provider of live chat software, online HTML Editor, upload control, .NET obfuscation and Javascript obfuscation.

We are the Leading provider of live chat software, Web Messenger, online HTML Editor, upload control, .NET obfuscation and Javascript obfuscation. These tools are distributed and used worldwide.

Richscripts was founded on the principle of offering products and services of the highest quality to our clients. Our target markets are the .NET/ASP/PHP developer community for components and various other key markets for our web based software solutions.

Corporation Mission

To be the worldwide leader in live chat software market, we continuously develop and create premier tools and solutions while contributing added values and benefits to our customers's applications and systems.

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Help you build something amazing

Our primary goal is to help our customers save time and money in their software development cycle, by providing powerful building blocks that allow them to focus on the business logic, core value, and primary functions of their applications and websites.

Our products help developers and organizations worldwide reduce their development time and effort, save money, and gain peace of mind. Richscripts is committed to continuously expand and improve the products and to introducing exciting new features/products in the future.

We believe in being open and reliable to our customers. We listen to their requests to tailor our solution to suit the market. Our highest priority is the development of the products, features and fixes that are most important to our customer base.

Our software components are also widely used by thousands of large and medium size companies to create custom applications for use within their organizations.

Our customers range from government agencies to universities, technology companies to financial institutions, and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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