Name Mangling

  • ReplaceNames
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This is a basic option. When turn on it , the obfuscator will replace the identifiers of the arguments, local variables , local functions . It's not able to reverse this step. So no body can know the original name of that identifiers.

JSO supports 2 style of the target identifier name :
  v1hex will replace the name as Ox0000 to OXFFFF, starts with the character 'O' if(_0x1EBFF[_$_51d7[103]](_0x1D60F,_$_51d7[160])) { var _0x1D6E7=_0x1D60F[_$_51d7[222]][_$_51d7[169]]; return !_0x1D6E7|| _0x1D6E7[_$_51d7[260]]?_0x1D60F[_$_51d7[169]]:_0x1D60F[_$_51d7[113]] }
  v2abcd will replace the name as a,b,c,d,e.. if(ed[_$_3485[103]](b,_$_3485[160])) { var k=b[_$_3485[222]][_$_3485[169]]; return !k|| k[_$_3485[260]]?b[_$_3485[169]]:b[_$_3485[113]] }